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July 1, 2015:
Development of Fast Track PCR and Fast Track Billing has Begun.

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Fast Track Dispatch was designed and developed by a Critical Care Paramedic with many years in the field, both 911 and Transport. When designing the software we used many of the principals every dispatch center strives to follow, while eliminating the mundane time consuming functions. The Fast Track Dispatching Suite will improve your company's productivity while reducing the need for extra dispatchers to manage time consuming call taking.

Prescheduling transports with our state of the art scheduling platform will allow the easiest control with the least user effort. Load balancing and reports available based off of day, facility, or even unit specific allow for easy management and recognition of problematic areas before they cost you.

Payment Plans available to help any size business get the software they need.

Web based facility portal

Our Web based facility portal will allow your contracted facilities to create transports without having to include dispatchers allowing case managers to verify all information is entered correctly. Facilities can now view the status of their transports online.

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